Architectural Visualizations

Wouldn’t it be great to start selling rooms during the construction phase of your resort? Photo realistic 3D rendered walkthroughs that simulate the experience of ‘being there’?

With computer-aided photo-realistic visualizations, we have helped many resorts start negotiating with travel agents or secure deals before structural work on site is complete, saving time and money.

We have also helped live-aboard vessels, showrooms and trade fair exhibitors get a clear idea of what they are developing and fix any mistakes or practicality issues not visible on the drawing sets before work on the project starts.

Promotional Ads

Are you sure your event will attract as many people as anticipated or are you looking for the best way to gather the required publicity. Promotional TV ads have been the most effective means of conveying the necessary information regarding any promotion or event. Skylight Workshop is committed to deliver breath taking promotional advertisements for your event in hours.


SkylightWorkshop, equipped with the latest in computer graphics software and hardware, is the leading producer of commercials both in 3D and 2D.

With an experienced marketing team backing every commercial that we produce, our concepts are unique and well targeted. Our clientele includes some of the leading businesses in the country.


With the aim of encouraging and developing CG in Maldives, we have established rendering services to any firm or individual who needs the extra processing power to get the job done. To date, our distributed rendering and processing capabilities include six servers.

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